Toddler Curriculum
The first few years of a child's life are crucial to his or her personality and intellectual development. Toddlers need not only love and emotional stability, but also an environment that promotes their very real need to learn. The purpose of the Toddler Program at Kumi's House Of Children is to encourage, assist, and protect the normal development of each child. Each child will flourish in a prepared environment which supports their basic needs for independence, exploration, and the building of trust and self-esteem.
Pre-school Curriculum
Dr. Montessori felt that the goal of early childhood education should not be to fill the child with facts from a pre-selected course of studies, but rather cultivate the child's own natural desire to learn. This objective is approached in two ways:
first by allowing each child his or her own choice rather than being forced, and second, by helping the child perfect his or her natural tools for learning, so that the child's abilites will be maximized for future learning situations. The structure of the Pre-school curriculum is based on practical life exercises, mathematics, language, geography, and arts and crafts.

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